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Client Services

PCi Tec’s comprehensive Client Services was created specifically due to high client demand.  Our Integration and Deployment Facility (IDF), located near the National Capital Region in Luray, VA, is climate-controlled with 24-hour video monitoring, limited access, and an advanced security system.  All products are protected from theft, power failure, and inclement weather.  PCi Tec adheres to a strict Quality Management System (QMS) that is certified under ISO 9001:2015 annually by the British Standards Institution, which has awarded PCi Tec three current best practices.  At the IDF, we thoroughly evaluate each machine and repair or replace any defective components from the manufacturer before they reach the customer.  That process speeds delivery and ensures product reliability upon arrival. 


Features include:

•          Asset Inventory and Staging

•          Asset Recovery

•          Asset Tag/UID Labels

•          Asset Tagging

•          Asset Trash Removal

•          Camera and Mic Removal

•          Consolidated Deliveries

•          Custom Image Installation

•          Custom Labeling

•          Data Capture and Reporting

•          Dedicated Tracking Team

•          Installation/Deinstallation

•          “Just In Time” White-Glove Delivery

•          Kitting and Palletization

•          Set Up and Trash Removal

•          Staging Assets

•          Technology Roadmaps

•          Tier 1 Helpdesk

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