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General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule

​Type of Contract

Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) Contract Number GS‐35F‐0397U

Period of Performance

Base Year: May 15, 2008 – May 14, 2013

First Option Period of Performance: May 15, 2013 – May 14, 2018

Second Option (Current) Period of Performance: May 15, 2018 – May 14, 2023

Third Option Period of Performance: May 15, 2023 – May 14, 2028


GSA is the U.S. General Services Administration, a federal agency.  Under the GSA Schedule program, GSA's Federal Acquisition Service negotiates contracts which authorized buyers order from at pre-negotiated prices and terms.

A U.S. Government buyer has a wide array of contract types available for the purchase of goods and services.  This includes sealed bidding, set‐asides, negotiated procurements, and "other than full and open competition", frequently known as sole source.  However, one of the easiest procedures for a federal buyer to use is the GSA multiple award schedule.  Since it is pre-negotiated, a GSA Schedule allows a buyer to conduct a competition more efficiently and expeditiously than through any other competitive procedures. GSA Schedules are also based on a company's commercial sales and discounting practices, making them the most "commercial‐like" of any government contracts.

Who Can Order?

All federal government agencies, quasi‐federal agencies, and government contractors purchasing in support of government funded projects.


General Services Administration Information Technology Schedule 70 Government-Wide Strategic Solutions (GSA-GSS)

As part of the Government-wide Strategic Solutions (GSS) for Desktops and Laptops Initiative, GSA offers online purchasing tools for federal agencies to purchase standard desktop and laptop configurations through IT Schedule 70.

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