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Data Center Modernization

PCi Tec provides complete enterprise solutions that address our client’s data center pain-points and satisfy their initiatives. We understand our IT clients are under constant pressure to provide more speed, storage, scalability, and flexibility.  PCi Tec Data Center modernization helps eliminate unnecessary servers, cuts energy consumption for power and cooling, protects sensitive data, ensures Continuity of Operations (COOP) and Disaster Recovery (DR), and trims or avoids downtime. 


Solutions include:

•        AI/ML Solutions

•        Backup, Recovery and Archiving

•        Big Data and Analytics

•        Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

•        Data Center Consolidation

•        Edge Computing

•        High Performance Computing (HPC) Solutions

•        Internet of Things (IoT)

•        Security

•        Server Solutions

•        Storage Solutions

•        Virtualizing Storage, Desktops, Applications, and Networks

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