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Cyber threats are proliferating, and cybersecurity protection must keep pace to protect essential federal programs and services from compromise.  Accordingly, PCi Tec has adopted Zero Trust as its foundation to assist its federal clients, as Zero Trust has emerged as the preferred method to ensure the security and integrity of data and systems.  PCi Tec has become expert in helping the Federal government identify its assets, recognize its risks, detect threats,  establish appropriate protections, and monitor performance.  Its tools include:

•          Breach and Attack Simulation

•          Computer Forensics

•          Cyber Incident Response

•          Device Identity

•          Encryption

•          Endpoint Detection and Response

•          Identity and Access Management

•          Information Asset Protection

•          Intrusion Detection and Protection

•          Monitoring and Analytics

•          Network Access and Protection

•          Remediation and Response

•          Threat deception

•          Threat hunting

•          Threat Visibility

•          User ID Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Privileged Access Management (PAM)

•          Vulnerability Assessment

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