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Welcome to PCi Tec, a Full IT Solutions Company

Serving and securing the Federal government since 1993



PCi Tec solutions allow information to be analyzed and disseminated quickly using cutting edge information technology from PCi Tec’s portfolio of industry leading OEM partners.  IT plays an extremely important role for the government as it will only continue to increase over time.


Panamerica Computers, Inc., dba PCi Tec recognizes the importance of contracting vehicles. We offer GWACs, BPAs, IDIQs, as well as agency-specific contracts. These contracting vehicles help our customers acquire and streamline procurement solutions.


Mission Statement

The PCi Tec team provides solutions that combine the right products and services to deliver complete, end-to-end customer satisfaction. Our solutions help simplify operations, improve resource utilization, streamline your environment, and improve manageability.

Our commitment during the COVID-19 pandemic

PCi Tec, in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic and any similar emergency, is committed to protecting its employees and customers while ensuring fast, dependable, and safe delivery of products and services.  Accordingly, it will continue to follow federal and state health guidelines and to strictly adhere to its own health and safety procedures to remain protective and fully operational.  At PCi Tec, we are always (safely) open for business.

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