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Photography by Rita Hartman

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Since 1993, Panamerica Computers, Inc., d.b.a. PCi Tec has worked with the federal government's IT initiatives and technology pain points. Since then, we became a full agnostic IT Solutions provider. Our reputation was founded on the basic principles of ensuring that all our employees have the highest ethical standard and integrity, treating customers, partners and colleagues with professionalism and respect at all times.
PCi Tec is an established Best Practices ISO 9001 IT/Cybersecurity Company that supports customers throughout the world. With our commitment to high standards and excellent performance in customer service, PCi Tec continues to be one of the industry’s top providers of world-class IT/Cybersecurity solutions and services. By leveraging key strategic partnerships with top IT Companies, PCi Tec continues to successfully deploy and implement technology projects throughout the federal government and other market sectors.
Photography by Rita Hartman
Photography by Rita Hartman
Photography by Rita Hartman

Quality Policy

Contract Vehicles

Strategic Alliances

PCi Tec has defined and documented a quality policy that will ensure that its products and services fully meet the requirements of its customers at all times. 

By offering a host of contracts to help its customers streamline the procurements processes with the most competitive contract prices available to the federal government.

PCi Tec leverages its strategic alliances with leading IT and cybersecurity companies to develop anything from custom solutions to overnight orders